This blog – my diary and a hiking t(r)ips collection – is three years old now. And as much as I love updating it on a monthly basis, a time has come for a more private type of writing, at least for now. The gallery updates will continue on the gallery page. But the writing moves onto paper.

Trips, hikes and wanders that are stored offline for and from now, are:

  • 18-21.06.2018: Causeway Coast Way hike, Northern Ireland
  • 29.06-01.07.2018: Vormsi Island (OrmsΓΆ) wanderings, Estonia
  • 02-05.08.2018: SWCP (from Minehead to Combe Martin) hike, Somerset + North Devon, England
  • 18-19.08.2018: Paris ramblings
  • 21-28.08.2018: Mountaineering trip to Mount Elbrus, Russia
  • 02-16.09.2018: Pacific Nort West road trip (Washington, Oregon, California)
  • 28-30.09.2018: Snowdonia National Park, Wales
  • 02.10.2018: Evening walk through Lille, France


Thank you, my dozen + sweet readers.

I shall return in some form or another. πŸ™‚



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