A quick recap with toes on La Via Francigena

May is in full swing in London. I have no need for music with all the windows open and all the birdsong streaming in.

Things that will have blog posts dedicated to them in June:

  • “7 reasons to walk the Rannoch Moor in March”
  • “More lessons from the Lea Valley Way, April style”
  • “Why should everyone return to Istanbul?”


Two days ago we visited Canterbury. It was full of magical gardens, bridge arches made of books, guinea fowls and curious trinkets from bygone centuries. It also featured one of the most amazing cathedrals in the world and luscious amounts of ice cream. It did not feature a lot of walking but this shall be amended very very soon.

There was also a small stone sign/plaque next to the cathedral, signifying La Via Francigena – the medieval pilgrimage road that lead from Canterbury to Rome (or vice versa, depending on your chosen destination).



Thinking of starting interviewing people about their walking habits, to add more flesh to the book I’m slowly writing. Luckily, I’ll have plenty of opportunities coming up.

Will interview a digital jewellery artist in Istanbul next week, a composer-actor in Tallinn in June and a wayfaring playwright-dramaturge in Madeira also in the next month.

The summer looks like freedom (if I finish my PhD thesis in 13 days, that is), with a real mountain on the horizon! And hopefully, a book as well.

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