Hello world!

Ok. Here goes. My fifth blog. And completely different from all the other ones of the past. This one will not contain vague poetry, even vaguer references to my personal life, meta-intellectual literary criticism and opinions on culture (I think). This one will be straightforward and muddy.

Institute of Wander is made for research purposes and research purposes only: for interviewing people, recording the findings, taking notes, going on field trips. And for offering insights and some musings for those mortals who find themselves to be similarly configured. (“They are a bit towards the forest” – goes the saying in my mother tongue.)

Mostly, I shall be recording my longer walks in order to shape some of those steps into an essay form as I go along. So, technically, it’s adventure writing but in a cultured (here it is again!) manner. Because adventure is everywhere. Really. Even if you don’t have the time, means or stamina to camp on the Cape Wrath Trail at the very moment, you can just sleep in a tent in your garden. (Which I’m doing right now.) IMGP9323One does not just plummet half-way in the middle of an epic adventure. One will sleep under the stars first, and then decide.

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